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We wake up every day and are distracted by jobs, chores, and so many things we get swept away and feel powerless.  This is not true. If we have 70,000 thoughts per day, we certainly can decide to direct some of them into purposeful living.
Your life is what you think it will be.

Research shows that when you write your intentions you are three times more effective in reaching your goals. This book is designed to be your companion for a year of intentional living. It's not complicated,  our lives are complicated enough!

Upon awakening, after you have been in the arms of God all night, while you sip your coffee,  read a page in the Random Miracles book. Meditate on it and write an inspired intention for the day.

Happiness is a habit to be cultivated by deliberate action. It's not something on the outside of our bodies, can't be purchased, stolen, borrowed or emailed. It's a commitment between you and the Universe. Making a daily commitment, no matter how small, will change the course of the stream and thus the river.

You have the power to claim all the magic you want in your life! Be prepared for abundance!
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