Can this book "Random Miracles" really help you?


                      Abundant Happiness is not an accident, but an intention. Did you ever notice that if you expect something to happen, either positive or negative it usually does exactly what you are thinking? That's no mistake, you manifest and attract what you hope and what you fear. The Universe is listening closely to everything inside you. Your heart is a magnet so choose your intentions daily and it will attract what you put there.

                      This new volume was written to assist you in daily claiming more of  the magic you were born with. It is 108 pages  filled with inspirational quotes and 4 color photography from all over the world. It is your blank journal. What you write in it is what you will manifest. That's the way the Universe works. All you need to do is remember the Universe is not working on your clock. It will manifest your dreams in ways that you can't imagine, when, where and how is not up to you.  You just  have to dream first.  This book is 8 1/2" X 11" and lightweight enough to carry with you. Please order for yourself and your friends for  holiday gifts!

Book Cover: If we take a breath and practice mindful savoring, we can see  random miracles surround us every day. From one side of the highway this tree was reaching up to heaven. From the other side of the highway, she was bowing her head in prayer. day. This photo was taken at dawn right before a storm blew her away. Lake Worth, Florida


      Snow's vision is to offer the tools you need to get in touch with the spiritual being that you are. If humans  are approximately 65% water, we are constantly flowing. If we can direct the flow, even for a little while each day, we have taken charge of our happiness.

     Snow is always creating tools that inspire others to live each day on the highest spiritual awareness ground they can reach. The goal is to live deliberately and  help others do the same. 

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